About Collins Actuaries

Collins Actuaries gives advice and help on pensions to family law solicitors and financial advisers who deal with members of the public who are getting a divorce. Collins Actuaries are consulting actuaries.  We are specialists in pensions, legal, divorce and damages work.

Collins Actuaries, formerly known as Hazell Carr Collins, is a UK wide organisation of pensions actuaries specialising in assisting lawyers sort out the settlement of their clients' pension rights on divorce and assessing the value of pension loss on loss of employment or personal injury.  Collins Actuaries is dedicated to providing actuarial advice to the legal profession.

Our Expertise

Actuaries generally are responsible for valuing financial contracts where the value is affected by future uncertainty.  Collins Actuaries specialises in the application of these skills to legal problems and we are acknowledged experts in the following aspects of actuarial consultancy:

Pensions on Divorce: We will produce comprehensive yet clear reports, and we will be happy to give advice on all aspects of the treatment of pension rights on divorce.

Valuing Personal Loss for Damages Actions: Both in the valuation of pension loss and income loss, our experience will ensure a comprehensive report with clarity being a high priority.

Splitting of Trusts and Life Interests: This is a complex area where actuarial expertise is essential to assess the values of the portions of the various parties.

Expert Witness: Our actuaries are able to appear in Court as expert witnesses giving guidance to judges on the complex issues surrounding pensions.

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